February 16, 2012

New Beginnings

12:23 PM Posted by: Brady Seitz, 0 comments

Greetings Urbanites!

It has been a long time since I posted anything regarding the Create A World Tool for The Sims 3. This past year has been a by busy one for me. I finally graduated from university with two degrees and my teaching license. The job hunt begins but I have a lot of time (when I'm not working) to work on worlds and have really got back into it. I have some new tools and objects at my disposal, mainly thanks to the CAW Forum at Mod The Sims. I have learned a lot about sculpting and painting. While not perfect, I have gotten better. I have begun a new world. My laptop decided to die a few months ago and I am waiting for the go-ahead to order the new one. For the time being, I am using a dinosaur of a desktop which leads to slow progress. But I digress. You are not here to listen to that stuff.

I present, the world of DaƩlta-Barone.

This world will be made on a large map. I'm contemplating using an existing distant terrain or trying to make my own. For now, the world ends abruptly. The world will contain a bustling downtown, of which some construction has been completed on the building shells. There will also be an industrial area along the coastline and some suburban areas. I am leaving room for Pets items. I do not have that EP yet but I will be getting it eventually. I do not have any pictures to show you yet. When I get them posted, there will be a twitter update to let you all know.

Back to work on the world and I should have some pictures in the next few days. Also, I do plant to use some custom content from Barnacle Bay. I had to modify the objects to make them show in the CAW and will keep you updated on the other objects, most of which will be from MTS but also some from AweSims and my own creations that will be hosted here.

Happy Simming!