May 14, 2011

Different Worlds

9:52 AM Posted by: Brady Seitz, 0 comments

Greetings Urbanites!

There has been a slight change in plans for the worlds I am creating. My laptop has been sent in for service again so Puerto Ayarta is taking a break from development. I have begun work on a different world on the desktop. This world I am calling Optare. This world will have oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, plains, hills, and anything else I can think of. I am taking a completely different approach to this world. I am not using DEM data from the USGS for this world. This world I intend to create from the ground up so to speak.

I have rereading CAW tutorials and have gotten some good advice on hand sculpting a world as well as painting techniques. For what I have planned I will need to create so,e custom objects for the world. Nothing to major other than expanding on some objects in the CAW. I have a logo planned for the world but have not yet created it.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks. I have this coming week off from university before summer classes start so I should get quite a bit done if all goes well. Pics will be included in the next update. Follow the Twitter for more constant updates!

Happy Simming!


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